Today after a year of waiting… Book battles… DUH DUH…. finally… PSH PSH… gave us… the… (Cool theme song of totally wicked tunes of coolness)… Alpha Leif Legendary Face-Off of Super Mega Awesomeness. When worlds collide, our universe is shaken, in book battles, when Leifs are pitted against each other in a battle to the death (or more like slight humiliation and disqualification to an argument about stacks of paper glued together creating fictional worlds that will make a small and meaningless, impact on our lives). We’ll get the time of our lives watching last year’s winner and this year’s other person battle like they never battled before. Throwing their points down like there’s no tomorrow in this insane fight full of beautifully crafted teenage points. Who will win? H.P. Lovecraft’s champion fighter of supreme awesome? Or Almost Dead’s super duper epic battler guy? We’ll never know. Oh Yeah!

— Trüaxe

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