Manhunt & Racing

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As today is Wednesday it was our gym and play day. In the morning people worked with Michael on scenes as needed and others memorized lines and did homework that they needed to get done. After lunch some people continued on running through scenes whilst everyone else went out for a hike with Justin. We eventually came to a grove of prickly trees where we have had games of capture the flag in the past, we then spent the afternoon playing manhunt. After three games, on our way back I came to a trail which leads directly to the school, Leif OP said that he thought that it would be faster to just take the road back, I disagreed so we raced, I taking the trail and he taking the road. I won.

— Quinn RD

A Busy Day

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Today the audience chairs and stage risers for our upcoming production of “Romeo & Juliet” were brought to Strata by Paul. This will enable us to figure out how many people can attend each production and price out how much the tickets will cost. Michael came to Strata today to work on some stage blocking and scenes with a couple of people. We also had some potential Strata parents come for tours and eat lunch with us. Overall today was especially busy with regular classes, work on the play, tours, and humanities in the afternoon.

— Quinn RD

Romeo & Juliet

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As our current focus of study within the literary medium is “Romeo & Juliet”, along with our upcoming production “R+J” we have been slowly but surely making our way through reading Shakespear’s original “Romeo & Juliet” play. Everyone gets a chance to read the lines and stage directions which in turn goes along with learning some strange new words and ‘bethinking’ the scene before moving along to the next.

— Quinn RD

Alpha Leif Legendary Face-Off of Super Mega Awesomeness

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Today after a year of waiting… Book battles… DUH DUH…. finally… PSH PSH… gave us… the… (Cool theme song of totally wicked tunes of coolness)… Alpha Leif Legendary Face-Off of Super Mega Awesomeness. When worlds collide, our universe is shaken, in book battles, when Leifs are pitted against each other in a battle to the death (or more like slight humiliation and disqualification to an argument about stacks of paper glued together creating fictional worlds that will make a small and meaningless, impact on our lives). We’ll get the time of our lives watching last year’s winner and this year’s other person battle like they never battled before. Throwing their points down like there’s no tomorrow in this insane fight full of beautifully crafted teenage points. Who will win? H.P. Lovecraft’s champion fighter of supreme awesome? Or Almost Dead’s super duper epic battler guy? We’ll never know. Oh Yeah!

— Trüaxe

Sharp Objects

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Today at Strata Montessori we practiced conveying a sword fight in our own innovative manner, as part of the Romeo and Juliet adaption. We also arranged our actors throughout the theatrical performance, in order to have the best show for our tremendous audience.

— Trüaxe

Book Battle

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Today we had our book battles, they were very entertaining and hilarious. Unfortunately we don’t know who won until end of day meeting. Then the winners will be drawn from a hat to see who would will go up against each other next Friday.

— Siddrha


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Greetings! Today was a much more ordinary day, with an academic morning including French, Math One and Math Two classes. In the afternoon, we had our Occupation classes which include Drama Set Design, Drama Costuming and Electricity. I’ll have you know that the Electricity class was very shocking. Until next time!

Justin Paul

Astronomy Presentations

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Today’s presentations were quite interesting. The first presentation was Audrey’s, where she recreated a comet with dirt, corn syrup, water and dry ice. It was pretty cool presentation along with the other couple. One was about how old you are on other planets and one was about how scientist figured out how planets orbit.

— Claire L.