Full Payment Upon Enrolment
Installment Payment Plan


Due on March 1, 2020
Due on September 1, 2020
Due on November 1, 2020
Due on January 1, 2021

Strata Odyssey Trip Fee (Not applicable to SiTE students)

This amount can be included in the tuition cheque, added to the post dated cheques ($425/cheque), or paid separately on March 1.*

Strata Lunch (Not applicable to SiTE students)

Daily lunch for the year is $1200. The children plan, shop for, and cook their own communal lunch. This amount can be included in the tuition cheque, added to the post dated cheques ($300/cheque), or paid separately on March 1.

Sibling Discount

Tuition fee for second sibling is reduced by 10%.

Payment terms

The first instalment or full payment is due upon enrolment. All post-dated cheques, for both new enrolment and re-enrolment, are due on March 1. Post-dated cheques are to be dated for the first of September, November, and January. In certain circumstances, monthly payment plans are available. Please make cheques payable to Strata Montessori School. Payment is necessary to hold the space for the student.

There is a charge of 1% per month on late payments and a charge of $25.00 for NSF cheques.

There is no refund or reduction in fees in case of withdrawal, dismissal, absence, cancellation, or non-attendance.

Strata Montessori Adolescent School is a registered Canadian charity [charitable registration number: 84471 4709 RR0001]. Strata is committed to delivering the highest standards in authentic Montessori adolescent education. Adolescents need adults, specialists, materials, and opportunities that far outweigh our tuition income. We are easily the most affordable, high quality Montessori adolescent school in Canada. Our goal is to make Montessori adolescent education accessible. We strive to keep our rates manageable while offsetting our costs with fundraising events and charitable donations. Most of our families choose to further support Strata by making charitable donations in the form monetary donations or donations of goods and services. Charitable receipts are issued.

* There are two major week long trips each school year. We call these trips “Odysseys.”


Applicants are asked to contact Strata by email or by phone at 905-304-4453 in order to arrange a visit to the school and to begin the application process.