A Note to DVMS Parents

The adolescent community of Strata Montessori Adolescent School provides a unique opportunity for study, work, and development within a supportive community at this new stage of life. The program involves rigorous academic studies integrated with a rich variety of activities such as caring for and developing the school environment, looking after plants and animals, and running small businesses. Students are also involved in projects in the wider community, and in regular, substantial outdoor education experiences.

To ensure that all students and their families understand the unique nature of the program, and that the program and the students are well suited, Strata Montessori Adolescent School has implemented a thorough transition process for students and their families. The process involves careful consideration by students of a number of questions to which they must respond in an interview with the Strata guides, a day of shadowing at Strata, and the creation of a portfolio of work. Current DVMS students can reasonably expect to proceed through to the Strata program. However, all students will take part in all components of the transition process in order to:

  1. Provide descriptive information to help Strata staff understand the student;
  2. Serve as an orientation to give the student and their family greater understanding of the Strata Montessori adolescent program.

It is expected that each student will demonstrate a personal investment in the culture and values of Strata Montessori Adolescent School, especially in regard to mutual respect, inner discipline, personal responsibility for actions and learning, recognition of the intrinsic value of learning and developing as a learner, intention to make the most of schooling, and a regard for and commitment to Strata’s small community.

The transition process emphasizes this investment and it will be reconsidered regularly throughout the student’s time at Strata. It is optimal if families of students share this outlook. Parents will be expected to make a commitment to further develop their own understanding of the Montessori approach to education through participation in all parent education events, goal setting meetings, and student conferences.

Enrollment Forms

Handwritten Responses

Please handwrite answers to the following TWO questions in greater detail. There is no length requirement, but please answer both questions fully. Do not seek assistance from anyone in writing these mini-essays as we are interested in your perspective and look forward to discussing them further with you at the enrolment interview.

1.Strata Montessori Adolescent School is a unique opportunity for study, work, and experience. Why would you like to join our community?

2.Adolescence is a time for imagining possible futures. Share a description of how you see your future when you think about it now.

Student Portfolio Requirements

Though this is in part for assessment, it is, more importantly, an opportunity for you to examine the quality and character of your work and to reflect on your abilities as you embrace the sense of community offered in the Strata Montessori Adolescent Program. Please prepare a folio of 3 pieces of work. This folio should include school work, but may also include work done at home or in other activities. The pieces can be written, they can be digital, they can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional art or construction, they can be oral, they can be performance, or they can be of any other demonstrable worth. Select pieces of work of which you are proud and you feel give a good idea o f your strengths and interests.